December 20, 2012 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group LLC will be the first automaker to provide factory-connected tablet technology in its dealership service lanes. Mopar’s new wiADVISOR™ technology will enable customers to cruise through dealer service lanes much faster.

The brand’s new wiADVISOR (short for wireless service advisor) system uses a small wireless device that service advisors briefly plug into a vehicle's onboard diagnostic port in the service lane. Vehicle data is then downloaded and transmitted to the service advisor’s tablet computer. The tablet simultaneously captures and presents the service advisor with all information specific to that customer and their vehicle, and connects with Chrysler Group’s engineering databases. All ownership information, vehicle service history, vehicle system updates, and factory-required maintenance are literally in the hands of the service advisor.

The wiADVISOR platform offers customers a similar experience to checking into a high-end hotel that already has guest information and preferences on file. No time is lost filling out forms or remembering license plate numbers.
"We are always looking to further improve the customer experience in our dealers’ service lanes,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “With our new wiADVISOR technology, we are maximizing face-to-face time with our customers and minimizing the time they spend in the service lane. We are virtually providing the support of our whole engineering team behind every service advisor.”

The wiADVISOR platform enables service advisors to offer an accurate, consistent and transparent service write-up experience. The system arms service advisors with required information at their fingertips and eliminates the need to search through various systems and databases. WiADVISOR even determines if all the vehicle computers are running the current level of software.

With access, service advisors may immediately print out factory-required and dealer-recommended maintenance requirements tailored specifically for that customer’s vehicle.

Future integration will incorporate even more Mopar products and services into the wiADVISOR platform, programs including Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans, Mopar Tire Works and Mopar Accessories. The wiADVISOR platform is now available across Chrysler Group’s U.S. dealership network with plans for global implementation.

Mopar-First Features
Mopar has introduced numerous industry-first features including:
  • Vehicle-information apps: first to introduce smartphone vehicle-information applications, a new channel of communication with consumers
  • Electronic owner manuals: first to introduce traditional owner manuals in a DVD and brief user-guide format and first to offer complete vehicle-information kits in Spanish
  • Wi-Fi: first to offer customers the ability to make their vehicle a wireless hot spot
  • Wireless charging: first to introduce in-vehicle wireless charging for portable devices
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): first to market with a new interactive vehicle tracking device that sends owner a text when vehicle is driven too fast or too far based on pre-set parameters
  • 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak: first to introduce a 500-plus cubic-inch V-10 drag-race package car
  • Brand-specific customer care telephone lines: first to offer Sunday service hours for customers
  • WiTECH: first to support vehicle diagnosis and software updates leveraging off-the-shelf personal computers and a dedicated wireless tool network
About the Mopar Brand
Mopar is Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand and distributes 280,000 parts and accessories. With the creation of the Chrysler Group and Fiat SpA partnership, Mopar is extending its global reach, integrating service, parts and customer-care operations in order to enhance dealer and customer support worldwide. Combined with Fiat SpA, Mopar’s global portfolio includes more than 500,000 parts and accessories that are distributed in more than 120 countries. Mopar is the source for all genuine parts and accessories for Chrysler Group and Fiat SpA brands.

Mopar parts are unique in that they are engineered with the same teams that create factory-authorized vehicle specifications for Chrysler Group and Fiat SpA vehicles — a direct connection that no other aftermarket parts company can provide. A complete list of Mopar accessories and performance parts is available at

75 Years of Mopar
Mopar (a simple contraction of the words MOtor and PARts) was trademarked for antifreeze product in 1937. The Mopar brand made its mark in the 1960s — the muscle-car era. The Chrysler Corporation built race-ready Dodge and Plymouth “package cars” equipped with special high-performance parts. Mopar carried a line of “special parts” for super-stock drag racers and developed its racing parts division called Mopar Performance Parts to enhance speed and handling for both road and racing use. The brand has expanded to include technical service and customer support.