William Levasseur was named Vice President, Sales and Marketing, FCA Canada Inc., in October 2016 reporting to David Buckingham, Chief Operating Officer, FCA Canada. 
Previously, Levasseur was Vice President, Marketing for FCA Canada, a position he was named to in early 2016. 
Since joining the company in 2001, Levasseur has worked in the Toronto market, as well as the Windsor Headquarters.
Levasseur’s professional background includes:
  • 2016, Vice President - Sales and Marketing, FCA Canada Inc.
  • 2016, Vice President - Marketing
  • 2010, Senior Manager - Retail Strategies
  • 2006, Manager - National Incentives
  • 2006, Distribution Manager - Eastern Business Centre
  • 2004, District Sales Manager – Eastern Business Centre
  • 2003, District Service and Parts Marketing Manager - Eastern Business Centre
  • 2002, District Service Manager - Eastern Business Centre
  • 2001, Customer Service Manager
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (1998) from the University of Western Ontario in London. 
Levasseur was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.