May 10, 2004 , Center Line, Mich. -

  • SRT4 is already the quickest production car under $21,000, but Mopar Performance is offering even more power

  • Stage 2 Turbo upgrade kit: An additional 30-50 horsepower (to 260-280 hp)

  • Stage 3 Turbo kit offers the ultimate: Over 300 horsepower

Mopar®, Chrysler Group's parts and accessories brand, offers a complete line of performance upgrades designed to make the ultra-quick and ultra-popular Dodge SRT4 even more desirable.

When Chrysler Group's Street and Racing Technology (SRT) engineers were given the challenge to make Dodge's new sport compact even quicker, they saw many tuner-inspired opportunities. The SRT-designed upgrades include “go-fast” items such as turbo upgrade kits, upgraded suspension parts and transaxle modifications. 

Dodge SRT4 owners have been raving about the Mopar goods that are already available, and they’re eagerly awaiting the next Mopar Performance products to arrive from the Mopar Performance Parts engineers at SRT. The parts are — or soon will be — available at local performance parts shops and Dodge dealers. 

“We engineered these parts with driving enthusiasts in mind,” said Dan Knott, Director – Street and Racing Technology. “Many aftermarket products for vehicles like the SRT4 are focused on appearance. We aren't ignoring that, but our main concern is improving the driving performance of this highly capable vehicle. And we do that through products designed by enthusiasts on our team who 'walk the talk' when it comes to developing credible performance parts.

“Our extensive line of products from Mopar Performance hits a home run in adding to the performance leadership of the Dodge SRT4,” Knott added.

Dodge SRT4 was designed to appeal to the highly sought-after 16-to-27-year-old age group, but current sales statistics show that SRT4 owners span an impressive range of ages from teenagers to baby boomers and beyond.

Mopar Performance Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit
Mopar Performance offers the eye-opening Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit, which pushes the power and performance of the 2.4-liter turbocharged engine in the Dodge SRT4 to 240 horsepower and 260 ft.-lbs. of torque. The kit consists of four fuel injectors (2003 only; included on 2004 MY vehicles), which produce a 10 percent greater flow rate than stock injectors, and one Mopar Performance powertrain control module (PCM).

The PCM has been calibrated for increased wide-open throttle and part-throttle boost, more aggressive exhaust note during deceleration, improved turbo response, enhanced first-gear boost schedule for a higher performance launch, a boost hold feature during wide-open throttle shifts and optimized calibration for the Mopar Performance Blow-Off Valve (Part Number: P4510548 — sold separately).

*P5007862 — 2003 SRT4 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit                                     MSRP $399

*P4510592 — 2004 SRT4 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit                                     MSRP $399

Mopar Performance Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit
The Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit from Mopar Performance maximizes the stock turbo unit (Mitsubishi TD04LR-16GK-6cm2) of the Dodge SRT4. Upgraded fuel injectors pumping at 682 cc/min are included in this kit, as are a Stage 2 PCM, a 3.0 Bar MAP sensor, a 3.0 Bar TIP sensor, and a high preload wastegate actuator.

The Stage 2 PCM includes all calibration features from Stage 1 plus additional calibration settings for Stage 2 components and power outputs.

Optional Turbo Toys are three fun and functional dash-mounted switches and appropriate components that allow you to: (1) automatically or manually spray water to cool the turbo intercooler, (2) take full advantage of 100+ octane unleaded fuel, and (3) adjust the boost of the turbo with a handy dial. Turbo Toys include all of the necessary wiring, switches and mounting hardware required to operate these elements. 

The Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit without Turbo Toys produces 260 horsepower at 5,200 rpm and 280 ft.-lbs. of torque from 3600-4400 rpm.

Stage 2 with Turbo Toys results in 265 horsepower at 5200 rpm, and 280 ft.-lbs. of torque from 3600-4800 rpm.

Utilizing the Turbo Toys High Octane Mode setting, Stage 2 posts ratings of 280 horsepower at 5200 rpm and 300 ft.-lbs. of torque between 3600–4400 rpm.

*P5007863 — 2003-04 SRT4 Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit (with Turbo Toys)  MSRP $1599

*P5007967 — 2003-04 SRT4 Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit (w/o Turbo Toys) MSRP $999   (Note: this kit does not accept Turbo Toys, and they cannot be added at a later date)

Ratings are with the available Mopar Performance cat-back exhaust system (P4510461).

Mopar Performance Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kit
If the Dodge SRT4 pushes the envelope, the Mopar Performance Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kit for the SRT4 tears that envelope to pieces. Stage 3, scheduled for release in mid-June, will add a larger turbo unit (Mitsubishi TD05HR-15GK2-10cm2) to help bump up the SRT4’s horsepower numbers over 300 and torque figures to 320 ft-lbs. (both unofficial figures). Stage 3 includes the injectors, MAP and TIP sensors from the Stage 2 Kit. Upgrades include the Stage 3 PCM with Stage 1&2 calibration features and Stage 3 settings, a high-flow (75 psi) fuel pump module, a demand-regulated fuel rail assembly and the new turbo.

The most notable part of the Stage 3 Kit is the hi-tech TD05HR-15GK2-10cm2 turbo unit (TD05 for short). This unit claims a 16 percent larger compressor wheel diameter to flow and compress more intake air. A 19 percent larger turbine wheel diameter flows more exhaust gas and reduces backpressure. The TD05 also boasts a 67 percent increase in turbine scroll area for reduced backpressure and more top end power.

*Part numbers and pricing to come for Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kits

Ratings are with the available Mopar Performance cat-back exhaust system (P4510461).

Mopar Performance Turbo Blow-Off Valve Conversion Kit
The new Mopar Performance Turbo Blow-Off Valve Kit reduces intake air charge temperature by venting the hot compressed air to the atmosphere and not re-circulating it into the intake system. The Blow-Off Valve Kit is a must-have accessory that enhances the distinctive turbo sound of the Dodge SRT4.

P4510548 Mopar Performance Blow-Off Valve Conversion Kit                    MSRP $69

Mopar Performance 2.4L Turbo Valve Covers
Mopar Performance knows how to improve the “show” of the Dodge SRT4, along with all of the products that target the “go.” Powder coated valve covers enhance the under hood look and help owners add another touch of customization to their pride and joy. Powder coated valve covers are available in red, yellow, black, silver and electric blue. Summer availability.

P4510367 — Powder Coated Valve Cover — Red                                             MSRP $ 160

P4510368 — Powder Coated Valve Cover — Yellow                                         MSRP $ 160

P4510369 — Powder Coated Valve Cover — Black                                          MSRP $ 160

P4510370 — Powder Coated Valve Cover — Silver                                          MSRP $ 160

P4510371 — Powder Coated Valve Cover — Electric Blue                                MSRP $ 160

Mopar Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System
The new Mopar Performance SRT4 Cat-Back Exhaust System is a mandrel bent, 2.5-inch diameter T304 stainless steel system, compared to the production 2.25-inch, providing reduced back pressure and a deeper exhaust note. The dual outlet tips are a full 4-inch outside diameter of highly polished stainless steel, giving a no-nonsense appearance from the rear of the vehicle. The MSRP for the SRT4 Cat-Back Exhaust (P4510461) is $385.

P4510461 — Mopar Performance Cat-Back Exhaust                                                 MSRP $385

Mopar Performance Cat-Delete Kit
This kit includes an intermediate pipe and down pipe to allow optimum performance on the track. Not for street use. Summer availability.

*P4510649 — Cat-Delete Kit                                                                                 MSRP TBA 

Mopar Performance Air Filter
Mopar Performance air filters are constructed with factory tight seals; engineering level polyurethane; and deep, four-ply pleats of oiled cotton gauze and two layers of aluminum screen. These filters offer high flow and low restriction, better throttle response and increased filtration and horsepower. Filters are washable and come pre-oiled.

P4510478 — SRT4 Air Filter                                                                                 MSRP $46

Mopar Performance Polyurethane Inserts
Three different durometers of these inserts are available from Mopar Performance. Inserts firm up engine’s upper and lower torque strut mounts at different firmness to reduce engine torque to a desired level. Summer availability. 

P4510346 — Inserts for upper and lower torque strut mounts — Yellow, 30 durometer
P4510347 — Inserts for upper and lower torque strut mounts — Blue, 50 durometer
P4510348 — Inserts for upper and lower torque strut mounts — Red, 70 durometer

Mopar Performance Short-Throw Shifter
The Mopar Performance Short-Throw Shifter is a direct, bolt-on, self-contained unit. It offers a dramatic improvement in shifting performance due in large part to reduced shifter travel or “shifter throw.” In performance driving scenarios, the additional seconds — or fractions of a second — a factory-equipped shifter takes to go from one gear to another may result in slower lap times. The Mopar Short-Throw Shifter gives the racer a competitive advantage. 

P4510485 — Mopar Performance Short-Throw Shifter                 MSRP $119

Mopar Performance Clutch
This performance clutch from Mopar Performance has a substantially increased torque capacity and is designed to accommodate power levels from the Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade Kit. The unit uses six damper springs instead of four, and the clutch disc and hub are completely unique. The clutch disc material can withstand higher friction. Perhaps the most significant highlight of this clutch is that the pedal feel is comparable to stock, as the pedal effort is only very slightly increased. Summer availability. 

P4510647 — Performance Clutch                                                                         MSRP TBA

Mopar Performance Limited-Slip Differential (LSD)
Mopar's limited-slip differential is another high-quality component that helps make the SRT4 even quicker. The Quaife automatic torque-biasing (ATB) differential is available exclusively from Mopar. The unique design improves handling and steering, and powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions. It senses which wheel has better grip and biases the power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and continuously, and without ever completely removing power from the other wheel. Note: This LSD is standard equipment on the 2004 Dodge SRT4, but was not standard on 2003 cars.

P5007923 — Mopar Performance Limited-Slip Differential                                        MSRP $1369

P4510588 — LSD Installation Kit                                                                           MSRP $69

Mopar Coilover Suspension Kits
The Mopar Coilover Suspension Kits are a result of a partnership between Mopar Performance and KW Suspensions. Utilizing DaimlerChrysler specifications to ensure optimum performance, the kits feature new stainless steel INOX technology exclusive to Mopar Performance.

The Mopar Coilover Kits’ thread design and aluminum spring perches allow SRT4 owners to easily adjust vehicle height. Additionally, the special thread shape and specific properties of the polished suspension struts ensure that virtually no corrosion occurs – even after years of the strongest weather influences.

The basic Stage 1 suspension components include a set of higher rate drop springs (25 mm) that utilize production Dodge SRT4 dampers and an anti-sway bar kit that features a 26 mm front bar and a triple adjustable 19 mm rear stabilizer. Both components will be available this summer.

The Stage 2 Mopar Coilover Suspension Kit is a complete height adjustable coilover system with lowering parameters to 30 mm. Its fixed-valve dampers are calibrated to provide a balance between “comfortable” road feel and sporty driving.

Stage 3 Mopar Coilover Suspension Kits are height- and rebound-adjustable, with 50 percent more adjustability than fixed Stage 2 settings. This allows the driver to tune the SRT4 suspension to even greater degrees, from a “comfortable” ride, to sporty, to stiff — tailoring road handling to the driver’s specific needs.

P4510454 — Stage 1 Anti-Sway Bar Kit                                  
Summer availability. MSRP TBA

P4510458 — Stage 1 Performance Springs                             
Summer availability. MSRP TBA

P4510447 — Stage 2 Coilover Suspension Kit                                                   MSRP $1395

P4510586 — Stage 3 Coilover Suspension Kit                                                   MSRP $1625

NEW: Mopar Performance Rear Tension Struts
The latest additions to the Mopar Performance lineup of parts for the SRT4 are these Rear Tension Struts. They feature a high durometer bushing material designed for heavy duty and competition use. The revised design results in improved toe stability (reduced bump-steer), virtually eliminating rear wheel hop under heavy braking and providing more positive suspension control for improved driver feedback and dynamic stability. Summer availability.

Mopar Performance Gauges and Pods
Mopar Performance has developed a full line of gauges to fit the needs of the street-performance enthusiast. These gauges are available only through Mopar and feature an aluminum bezel and four different face styles. The styles include silver with the SRT logo, silver with the Mopar logo, carbon fiber with the Mopar logo and white with the Mopar logo. The types of gauges available are boost, nitrous, voltmeter, exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, air-fuel ratio, water temperature, a 2-inch tachometer and a 5-inch tachometer. Mopar also offers single or dual gauge pods that mount on the driver's side “A” pillar.  

MSRP for Mopar Performance gauges range from $45.73 for a 2 1/16-inch voltmeter to $318.26 for a 5-inch tachometer. Pods for the Dodge SRT4 range from $29.50 for single pods to $37.80 for dual pods (all pods are for 2 1/16-inch gauges)

*Not legal for sale on pollution-controlled vehicles or vehicles registered for highway use.

Parts from Mopar Performance are designed and tested by Chrysler Group SRT engineers for Chrysler Group products, a claim no aftermarket company can make. All of the testing is done in-house, making Mopar Performance the preferred parts for serious street enthusiasts and competitive racers.

Mopar is based in Center Line, Mich., and is the exclusive original equipment supplier of parts and accessories for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® vehicles.