January 15, 2018 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Designed to be the most technologically advanced pickup ever, the company’s all-new Ram 1500 is loaded with an array of innovative and state-of-the-art features combined with the award-winning fourth-generation Uconnect system that offers new convenience and connected services, keeping Ram truck customers connected, engaged and informed all while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
The 2019 Ram 1500 high-tech features include a new class-exclusive and easy-to-use 12-inch fully configurable touchscreen display, the first-time debut of the all-new SiriusXM with 360L, the finest audio system ever available in a pickup – Harman Kardon with 19 speakers, personal device integration and in-vehicle connectivity.
Fourth-generation Uconnect systems:
Building upon the success of previous generations, the fourth-generation Uconnect system includes performance improvements with faster startup time and enhanced processing power, multi-touch gestures, vivid imagery, sharper graphics and the ability to support smartphone integration. Uconnect systems provide Ram customers with a range of features and connectivity options to best suit their needs.

Uconnect 4C NAV with 12-inch display –  The 2019 Ram 1500 features the first application of a bonded flush 12-inch reconfigurable touchscreen with tailor-made graphics for various Ram models and state-of-the-art connectivity. Personalization is made easy with the new split-screen, operating two different applications for desired configuration, such as Apple CarPlay and HVAC controls, or one application, such as navigation across the entire 12-inch touchscreen. Available for the first time on the all-new Ram 1500 is a 360-degree Surround View Camera system providing a birds-eye view via four cameras positioned around the vehicle to create a fully stitched image. Customers who prefer not to use the touchscreen for HVAC will find redundant controls located on both sides of the display for convenience.  

Uconnect systems with the class-exclusive 12-inch display also feature the next level of audio entertainment with the first-time debut of the all-new SiriusXM with 360L, delivering a personalized listening experience with more variety, smart content recommendations and thousands of hours of on-demand audio content.
The new Ram truck offers a one-year SiriusXM All Access audio subscription, a one-year SiriusXM Guardian Connected Services subscription; 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capability with a 1 Gigabyte/three-month subscription and SiriusXM Travel Link and SiriusXM Traffic Plus that includes a five-year subscription.
Additional features of the Uconnect 4C NAV with 12-inch display:
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration
  • Full-feature navigation system with one-step voice destination entry and
  • 3-D landmarks
  • Uconnect smartphone app gives control of select Ram 1500 features wirelessly with ease
  • USB and aux port capability
  • Integrated voice command
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling
  • HD Radio
Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4-inch display:
  • 8.4-inch touchscreen display
  • One-year subscription to SiriusXM All Access
  • Five-year subscription to SiriusXM Travel Link and SiriusXM Traffic Plus
  • One-year subscription to SiriusXM Guardian Connected Services with
  • 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capability
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration
  • 4G Wi-Fi hotspot capability with 1GB/three-month trial
  • Full-feature navigation with one-step voice destination entry, 3-D landmarks,
  • city models and terrains
  • Uconnect smartphone app
  • USB and aux port capability
  • Integrated voice command
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling
  • HD Radio  

Uconnect 4 with 8.4-inch display:
  • 8.4-inch touchscreen display
  • One-year subscription to SiriusXM All Access
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • USB and aux port capability
  • Integrated voice command
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling
  • Flexibility to purchase navigation after vehicle sale 

Uconnect 3 with 5-inch display:
  • Largest standard radio with a 5-inch display
  • One-year subscription to SiriusXM All Access
  • Integrated voice command
  • USB and aux port capability
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling with voice text reply  

Uconnect fourth-generation systems with 8.4-inch, 8.4-inch NAV and 12-inch displays also include:
  • Drag and Drop menu bar: FCA US vehicle owners can personalize their touchscreen controls to fit their lifestyle and have one-button access to the features and services they value most. Drivers can simply drag their favorite feature or service icon from the apps menu and move them to their Uconnect system’s main menu bar
  • Do Not Disturb: Vehicle owners who prefer not to be interrupted with phone calls or text messages while driving can choose to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” and “Reply with Text Message” feature
  • Siri Eyes Free: Via the voice button on the steering wheel, and compatible with Apple iPhone 4s or later with Siri Eyes Free, drivers can speak natural language voice commands to send text messages, play music, set reminders, place phone calls and access turn-by-turn directions
  • SiriusXM Tune Start: Customers can start songs from the beginning when switching between their favorite pre-set satellite radio channels
All-new SiriusXM with 360L
SiriusXM is transforming the next generation of in-car audio entertainment with the debut of the all-new SiriusXM with 360L, delivering a personalized listening experience with more variety, smart content recommendations and thousands of hours of on-demand streaming audio.
The 2019 Ram 1500 is the first vehicle to have access to the new SiriusXM listening experience, which showcases the features and functionality of SiriusXM’s next-generation platform.  SiriusXM’s new and enhanced experience for drivers and their passengers delivers SiriusXM content via both satellite and on-demand streaming to Ram truck models equipped the new fully configurable 12-inch touchscreen.  Owners will receive a one-year SiriusXM All Access subscription with the purchase of a properly equipped 2019 Ram 1500. 
SiriusXM with 360L enables Ram truck drivers and passengers to discover more of what SiriusXM offers based on their listening preferences, including exclusive SiriusXM On-Demand programming never before available in the dash. Benefits of the all-new SiriusXM with 360L include:
More variety
  • More channels (now 200+) available to listeners on their Uconnect 4C NAV with 12-inch display, including many channels previously only available online
  • Access to thousands of hours of recorded on-demand programming in the vehicle, including shows, interviews and events, giving the listener more of what they want,
  • when they want to hear it
  • Enhanced sports play-by-play offering that makes it easier to find the listener’s favorite team when it is game time, giving them access to the official broadcasts for more pro and college teams
A more personalized experience
  • Smart content recommendations enable listeners to discover more of what they love, based on listening habits displayed on the touchscreen in an easy-to-use way
  • Dynamic user interface allows for easy navigation between channels, shows, and both live and recorded content
  • Individual listener profiles allow multiple drivers and passengers to customize and maintain their own presets and favorites
  • Profiles can be synced with listener’s mobile phone to seamlessly access their favorites and pick up listening where they left off in the car on select content
Ease of use
  • Drivers and passengers can use their voice to search SiriusXM’s extensive library of content, or they can sit back and let “For You” recommendations serve up great content choices
  • Subscribers can manage their account, renew their subscription and contact SiriusXM through the touchscreen on the dash when the vehicle is parked
Most powerful audio system in a pickup
The all-new 2019 Ram 1500 offers four audiophile-quality audio systems to immerse passengers in the ultimate sound experience, including Alpine and a class-exclusive premium Harman Kardon audio system with 19 speakers and 10-inch subwoofer – the finest and most powerful audio system available in a pickup:

Six-speaker base system (standard on Tradesman, Big Horn and Rebel):
  • Two 3.5-inch speakers in the instrument panel
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the front doors
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the rear doors 

Six-speaker system with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and premium woofers (5.7-liter engines on all trim classes):
  • Two 3.5-inch speakers in the instrument panel
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the front doors
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the rear doors
  • Four ANC microphones 

Alpine Premium 506-watt, 12-channel, 10-speaker audio system (available on Big Horn and Rebel; standard on Laramie, Longhorn and Limited):
  • Three 3.5-inch speakers in the instrument panel
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the front doors
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the rear doors
  • Two 3.5-inch speakers located in the headliner
  • One 10-inch enclosed, triple-coil subwoofer behind the rear seat (passenger side)
  • One 12-channel amplifier
  • Four ANC microphones 

Harman Kardon premium plus 12-channel, 19-speaker audio system (available on Laramie, Longhorn and Limited):
  • Three 3.5-inch and one-inch coaxial speakers located in the instrument panel
  • Two 3.5-inch and one-inch coaxial speakers located in the front doors
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the front doors
  • Two 6x9-inch speakers located in the rear doors
  • Two 3.5-inch and one-inch coaxial speakers located in the headliner
  • One 10-inch enclosed subwoofer behind the rear seat (passenger side)
  • One 12-channel boosted Class-D amplifier
  • Four ANC microphones 

New 3.5-inch color driver information display
Filling the instrument cluster on the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 is the standard 3.5-inch driver information display. Fuel gauge and digital coolant temperature display are strategically placed for easy reference while driving, and the sharp, crisp display is easily customizable to showcase preset information of the driver’s choice. 
The driver can customize the reconfigurable 3.5-inch driver information display touchscreen by scrolling through menus using the steering-wheel-mounted controls. Available menus include speedometer, vehicle information, fuel economy, trip, information, audio, stored messages, screen setup and settings, and turn-by-turn navigation, if the vehicle is equipped with navigation. A 3.5-inch greyscale display remains standard on entry-level models and a new full-color 3.5-inch display is available on mid-level Ram truck models.
New 7-inch driver information display
The all-new 2019 Ram 1500 features an available 7-inch, full-color, 3-D animation-capable driver information display, with reconfigurable function that enables Ram truck drivers to personalize information inside the instrument cluster. The display is designed to visually communicate information, using graphics and text, quickly and easily.
The driver information display offers a wide range of customization options, from basic speed readout to specific vehicle status information. Operation of the display is clearly communicated to users with easy-to-understand icons and instructions. Using buttons on the steering wheel, drivers can customize the screen with as much as or as little information as they desire. The intuitive system can be arranged for a variety of views.  The four corners of the display can be customized to show information at a glance, including average and current fuel economy, trip A/B, trailer trip, trailer brake, oil temperature, battery voltage and oil life, outside temperature, distance to empty, time and compass direction. Additionally, two new side barrel gauges display a portion of each of the four corners, including a menu screen.
Once the main screen is chosen, it becomes the default setting, remembering the user’s selection upon restarting the vehicle. Vehicle concerns are instantly reported to the driver via pop-up warning messages on the display. Vehicle messages are automatically stored so a driver can review the message at their convenience.
Compatible device connectivity
To ensure that passengers remain conveniently connected, 2019 Ram 1500 owners can manage their personal device connectivity with a plethora of electronic charging options. Located in the reimagined center console, a wider docking area offers an all-new optional integrated wireless charging pad that can hug a small tablet or multiple smartphones. To keep devices charged, there are five USB ports (three are located in front of the center console and two are located in the back). Three of the USB ports are fully functioning and communicate with the Uconnect interface while the other two USB ports are charge only. Four of the five USB ports are new type C ports that allow devices to be charged up to four times faster than standard USB outlets. 
Uconnect Navigation
The Uconnect 4C NAV system with 8.4-inch and 12-inch displays offers navigation as a standard feature that includes 3-D imagery of landmarks, city models and digital terrain. Both the large 8.4-inch and 12-inch displays deliver directions, lane guidance and points of interest. The displays support multi-touch gestures with pinch, tap and swipe capability. The fourth-generation Uconnect system features enhanced graphics and a one-step, voice-entry system, so Ram customers can easily speak the address and navigate on the go.
SiriusXM All Access Satellite Radio
2019 Ram 1500 trucks equipped with SiriusXM Satellite Radio receive a one-year subscription to the premium All Access package, providing customers with more than 150 channels of programming, including commercial-free music, every NFL, MLB and NBA game, Howard Stern, every NASCAR race, entertainment, news and comedy, plus access to SiriusXM content on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at siriusxm.com.
SiriusXM Travel Link
Available on vehicles equipped with Uconnect Navigation on the 8.4-inch and 12-inch displays, SiriusXM Travel Link helps to make every trip more efficient. Drivers will enjoy a five-year subscription to services like fuel prices, national weather information, sports scores and movie listings.
SiriusXM Traffic Plus
Also available with a five-year subscription on an equipped Ram truck with Uconnect Navigation in the 8.4-inch and 12-inch displays, SiriusXM Traffic Plus works with the vehicle’s navigation system to display traffic speed, flow information and accident information to assist drivers in routing around congested areas. Services provided include traffic speed, accidents, construction, road closures, alternate route guidance and mapping.
SiriusXM Guardian Connected Services with Uconnect Mobile App
SiriusXM Guardian delivers advanced in-vehicle connectivity and useful apps for drivers and passengers. Features and services include:
  • In the event of a minor collision, medical or other emergency, the occupant can press the SOS button located on the rearview mirror to be connected to a trained call center agent who can send emergency assistance to the vehicle’s GPS location
  • Should the vehicle run out of fuel, get a flat tire or need a tow, pushing the Assist button can pinpoint vehicle location for assistance
  • The vehicle can be started from virtually anywhere with the Uconnect mobile app to warm or cool vehicle temperature before occupants enter
  • Use the Uconnect mobile app to easily search, map and send locations directly to the vehicle’s Uconnect navigation system
  • In-vehicle 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot provides in-vehicle wireless internet connectivity to your laptop, tablet or smartphone and supports up to eight mobile devices (includes a three-month/1 Gigabyte subscription)
About Uconnect
Launched in 2003, Uconnect systems are FCA’s in-vehicle connectivity centers, designed to keep consumers connected, entertained and, most importantly, focused on the road. FCA vehicles offer Uconnect systems that provide drivers with a range of available communication, navigation, entertainment features and connected services. FCA continues to enrich the easy-to-use Uconnect systems’ features and services by delivering various vehicle enhancements via over-the-air software update capability. This over-the-air software update capability, deployed automatically via wireless cellular networks, enables product enhancements, security updates and improved compatibility with mobile devices to be applied at no cost to FCA US vehicle owners and without a service appointment.

An included trial of connected services also is available on properly equipped vehicles. These real-time services include a monthly vehicle health report; vehicle health alert; a smartphone app that enables owners to remotely lock, unlock or start their vehicle, locate their vehicle and more; and SOS Call and Assist Buttons on the rearview mirror that will connect vehicle owners to help at the push of a button. 
Vehicle owners can access and control their Uconnect systems’ features and services by using advanced voice recognition technology, convenient steering wheel controls and intuitive touchscreens or traditional knobs and buttons, as well as the Uconnect app and Vehicle Brand Owner Site to remotely deploy secure commands to the vehicle.    
About Ram Truck Brand
In 2009, the Ram Truck brand launched as a stand-alone division, focused on meeting the demands of truck buyers and delivering benchmark-quality vehicles.
That focus leads Ram to design the industry’s most innovative, award-winning trucks, emphasizing durability, strength, technology and efficiency.
With a full lineup of trucks, including ProMaster and ProMaster City vans, the Ram brand builds trucks that get the hard work done and families where they need to go. From the no-compromise Ram 1500 that defines the future of pickup trucks with innovative design, the highest quality materials and class-exclusive technology, to the Ram Heavy Duty which combines the ability to out-power, out-tow and out-haul every single competitor with the segment’s most comfortable ride and handling, Ram is committed to product leadership.
Ram continues to outperform the competition and sets the benchmarks for:
  • Most powerful: 1,000 lb.-ft of torque with Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • Highest towing capacity: 35,100 lbs. with Ram 3500
  • Heaviest payloads: 7,680 lbs. with Ram 3500
  • Most luxurious: Ram Limited with real wood, real leather and 12-inch Uconnect touchscreen
  • Best ride and handling with exclusive link coil rear and auto-level air suspensions
  • Most interior space with Ram Mega Cab
  • Most capable full-size off-road pickup – Ram Power Wagon
  • Most-awarded light-duty truck in America
  • Highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup
  • Over the last 30 years, Ram has the highest percentage of pickups still on the road

Giving maximum effort all day, every day with confidence, the Ram Truck lineup steps forward with the full force of modern capability providing confidence-inspiring features and class-exclusive vehicle safety.

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