Richard Cox was named Head of Portfolio Planning, FCA – North America in December 2016. In this position, Cox is responsible for the NAFTA product portfolio, analyzing the competitive environment, and providing market and consumer insights to guide future planning of North American products. In addition, he continues to hold responsibility for Alfa Romeo and Maserati Product Planning.
Previously, Cox was Director of Dodge and SRT Product Marketing for FCA US LLC. Since joining the Company in 1999, Cox worked at FCA Canada Inc., with increasing levels of responsibility before moving to the United States to head up Dodge Product Marketing.
His professional background includes:
  • 2016 - current, Head of Portfolio Planning, FCA – North America
  • 2015 - current, Head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati Product Planning
  • 2015, Director, Alfa Romeo Product Planning and NAFTA Brand Marketing
  • 2014, Director, Alfa Romeo Product Marketing, FCA US
  • 2014, Director, Dodge and SRT Product Marketing
  • 2011, Director, Dodge Product Marketing
  • 2010, Senior Manager, Product Strategy and Volume Planning, FCA Canada
  • 2006, Senior Manager, Canadian Retail/Fleet Market Incentives
  • 2004, Manager, National Incentives–Marketing
  • 2004, Manager, Volumes and Product Strategy–Marketing
  • 2002, Manager, Product Planning–Marketing
  • 2000, Chrysler/Jeep® Market Planner–Marketing
  • 1999, Marketing Analyst
Cox received a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Alberta (1994) in Alberta (Canada), and a Master of Business Administration from McGill University (1998) in Montreal.
Cox was born in Lambeth, England.