April 9, 2013 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group LLC will recall approximately 9,300 trucks – more than half of which are in dealer hands – to inspect their parking brakes and, if necessary, reset them according to specification.

A routine internal audit of 2013 Ram 1500 pickups discovered a small number of vehicles whose parking brakes did not comply with mandated performance standards. Further investigation revealed six field reports alleging insufficient parking brake function, but Chrysler Group is unaware of any related accidents or injuries.

Non-compliant trucks were traced to a production window between Dec. 17, 2012 and Jan. 22, 2013, precipitating the recall.

Inspections and repairs, if necessary, will be performed at no cost to affected customers. Chrysler Group will contact them directly.

Approximately 6,600 vehicles are in the U.S.; 2,400 are in Canada; and 90 are in Mexico. The remaining vehicles are located outside the NAFTA region.