The UAW and Chrysler in the 1985 national negotiations recognized the fundamental importance of cooperation in dealing with major changes in technology and an increasingly competitive world market. It was agreed that these challenges could best be met through joint efforts, a spirit of cooperation and mutual dedication to permit full development of workers’ skills and their meaningful involvement in the decision-making process. That understanding and commitment was reinforced in subsequent national negotiations and remains strategic to our manufacturing operations today.

To ensure appropriate implementation of this effort, a Joint Activities Board was established. This Board was given overall responsibility for administering the various committees, councils and programs established in the negotiated agreement and related memorandums of understanding.

The UAW-Chrysler National Training Center (NTC), as the administrative agent of the Joint Activities Board, develops, conducts and evaluates education and training at both the national and local levels. The NTC also provides a wide range of work/life services and educational/training opportunities for UAW/Chrysler workers and their families. These programs and services include such programs as Health & Safety, Employee Assistance, Workplace Violence Prevention, Diversity Awareness, Technical Training and many other programs that enrich the work life of our employees and their families.

As part of the continuous effort to achieve world class manufacturing operations, a substantial investment commitment has been made by the Chrysler Group to transform the UAW-Chrysler Technology Training Center (TTC) into a world class educational and training academy. The primary focus for the new academy is to deliver World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methods, tools and standards for all Chrysler employees, certain suppliers and business partners involved in WCM. Employees will experience a state-of-the-art learning center designed to stimulate ones emotions to learn. The WCM Academy provides hybrid training combining classroom instruction with practical applications lead by certified subject matter experts.

A majority of the technical training courses offered at the UAW-Chrysler TTC WCM Academy have been accredited by the American Council on Education, making it possible for employees to earn college credit upon successful completion of classes. Some of the accredited courses currently offered include control logics, metallurgy, robotics, electronics, fluid power, hydraulics, pneumatics and welding.

World Class Manufacturing Programs
World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is the new manufacturing system adopted from Fiat in 2009. This new system consists of a lean collection of structured methods and tools that are applied in a very disciplined and methodical approach to eliminate waste and loss and promote improvement in the production system. The foundation of WCM is comprised of 10 technical and 10 managerial pillars. An audit system with very detailed criteria is conducted by a qualified external resource to ensure proper application of the methodology. A scoring process is applied as part of the audit process, with the ultimate goal to achieve world class status.